About Us


AIM PACKAGING is an idea of a young entrepreneur; it was formed to provide qualitative and competitive packaging solutions to the world. The vision of the company is to provide a wholesome packaging solution and provide all round technical assistance to the clients regarding theire packaging needs.

Though we are based in India, but we are a 100% exporting company and are following the international standards for all our products. We are a Government of India registered export house. Though the company has its base in India but is operating on pan globe basis.

The first step of the company was to provide the packing machines that can be well suited to their duties in various industries and can also be competitive. With a wide range of Packing machines that the company has installed around the globe which has earned the company good repute and global acknowledgement.

Since AIM PACKAGING was created to provide total packaging solutions, the second phase of the company was to provide various packing materials to the clients. Thus we started manufacturing various packing materials mainly in order to provide a complete solution for packaging.This step brought clients a much relief for their packaging needs, since now they have a one stop solution for all there packaging needs, that too delivered from a company who has knowledge of packing machines as well as packing materials.

Due to much anticipation from the clients and looking to the present day scenario of the packing industry we have diversified from packing machines & packing materials to industrial packing automation. Now we are also providing solutions and installations for industrial packing atomization. This service from us is to provide a simple but cost effective and low-labor consuming packing to the clients.

Our strength lies in our work force compromising of young as well as, well experienced technicians who are  working with a motto to deliver the best and nothing less. Along with them we have invested well in the company’s infrastructure by deploying the best available machines in the industriy to provide the maximum output with highest available precision.

Since we believe in delivering quality & precision, we have adapted stringent quality check methods so as we are assured of the quality and so can our clients be assured regarding the quality.

We never consider that our job is done once the consignment is delivered; we have a philosophy that our job is only done when the client is fully satisfied with our products. Thus we are having facilities for providing round the clock technical assistance to our clients.

Our only motto is to provide the best in the class packaging solutions to the world.