Printed Spout Pouch

Printed Spout Pouch

Best quality packaging materials at most competitive price from renowned manufacturer and exporter from India Produced in the advanced state of the art manufacturing facility Best quality raw materials are used to ensure excellent product quality Specially designed to meet specific requirement Produced by highly trained and professional production and supporting staff Stringent quality control to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction Very well accepted by customers from more than 100 countries globally Prompt and accurate delivery with excellent logistics support to even very remote locations all over the world Best customer care and efficient after sales services


Recyclable: Supports environmental sustainability efforts.

→ Tear notch: Facilitates easy and convenient opening.

→ Heat sealable: Ensures a tight, leak-proof seal.

→ Leak-proof: Protects against spills and contamination.

→ Multi-layer laminate: Offers enhanced strength and barrier properties.

→ Euro slot/Round hole/D-Cut: Suitable for hanging displays in retail environments.

→ Reclosable zipper: Allows for repeated use while maintaining product freshness.

→ One-way degassing valves: Perfect for products that release gases, like coffee.

→ Food grade: Meets regulatory standards for food safety.

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