Printed Big Bags

Printed Big Bags

Multi-colour printed best quality Printed Flexible Laminated Big Bags in various combination of materials like Polyester, BOPP, Metalised Polyester, Metalized BOPP, Aluminum Foil, Paper, Polyethylene, etc. available at most competitive price and with world class services.


→ Highly cost-effective packaging: Offers economic benefits without compromising quality.

→ Easy to handle: Optimizes logistics for clients, making it convenient to transport.

→ Fully compliant with strict hygiene standards: Ensures safety for food and pharmaceutical applications.

→ Safe to carry up to a thousand times its own weight: Demonstrates exceptional strength and reliability.

→ No need for secondary packaging: Simplifies the packaging process and reduces costs.

→ Low weight, minimal space: Saves on warehousing and transportation costs.

→ Printed bags as mobile promotion: Serves as a marketing tool while providing product information.

→ Helps to minimize waste flows: Supports environmental sustainability by reducing waste.

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